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San Luis Obispo, CA

Mario Ruiz is an experienced freelance news photographer and journalist based in San Luis Obispo, California. A veteran of 10 years, Mario is available for assignment on the Central California coast, Los Angeles, or San Francisco.



I love the city. Let me correct myself: I love visiting the city. Always fun to visit San Francisco. Enjoy.

The City by the Bay. I grew up just across San Francisco in Berkeley and found myself in the city often. I've never lived in the city, but worked their when I was at Adobe and have otherwise visited quite regularly. This is a collection of some of my favorites from San Fran over the last couple of years. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a snapshot of the city. Hopefully more to come with more visits :)

I finally got a panorama of the city. I had scouted a decent spot on Yerba Buena Island a few years back but never got around to shooting. 

Alcatraz was completely fogged over one afternoon. After a couple of minutes at the end of fisherman's wharf, it opened up. So I ran back to my car, grabbed my camera and made it back just before it completely cleared away.