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San Luis Obispo, CA

Mario Ruiz is an experienced freelance news photographer and journalist based in San Luis Obispo, California. A veteran of 10 years, Mario is available for assignment on the Central California coast, Los Angeles, or San Francisco.


The California Central Coast

Mario and his family moved to San Luis Obispo in 2013 so Mario could take the next step in his tech career. It never crossed his mind he'd land at a fast-growing tech company in San Luis Obispo. He's enjoying his time here and getting out to photograph as often as he can with his busy work and family schedule. Enjoy the California Central Coast from Mario's POV.

No doubt I am currently living in one of the most spectacular places on Earth. Named as the happiest city in America by Oprah, San Luis Obispo is second to none when it comes to a healthy pace of life. Getting anywhere across town takes only a few minutes -- one gets spoiled thinking "goodness that's 10 minutes away!"

But just outside of San Luis are some of California's best kept secrets. From Pismo to Morro Bay, and many others I'm afraid to mention because I don't want the word to get out, there is plenty to see and plenty of scenes to point my camera at.